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    Toxprofile is short for toxicological profile, which is a commonly used toxicology term. Establishing a ToxProfile helps a scientist (toxicologist) to understand how safe or toxic a chemical may be. It is based on what is currently known or not known about the chemical. However, establishing a ToxProfile can also be viewed as a metaphor for life and the decision making process that we all go through. Every day we are faced with situations that require us to make important decisions, some of which can be safe or toxic to our lives. So in a sense we are all scientists looking to determine our ToxProfile!

    ToxProfile Apparel was founded with the goal of giving back to the community and empowering, educating and enlightening the youth through fun, creative fashion, community outreach and mentorship. A portion of each purchase of ToxProfile Apparel will go towards educational programs, workshops, seminars and summer internships designed to expose the youth and young adults to a variety of career options and opportunities and to mold them into positive, contributing members of their communities and society as a whole. Please support the mission by purchasing an apparel offering or an accessory product and be on the lookout for upcoming fashion shows, seminars and workshops in your area soon!